Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fly Freely Into Your New Life After Your Divorce

Butterflies are fascinating insects. Those who harm these incredible, intricate creatures with purpose should be excommunicated from life. Only cruel kids squish butterflies.
Not one person in the world thinks butterflies are not beautiful. Unless, they are that one person whose family was exterminated by the swarm of zombie people-eating butterflies in the late 1900s. That part, of course, is not true, but somebody’s bound to make a movie out of it, if they haven’t already.
More than 17,000 real butterfly species exist in the world. Butterflies and moths, known as the Lepidoptera order of insects, come in all hues of brilliant blues, yellows, and the recognizable Monarch orange.
I figure, if I were one, I’d choose to be the one called, Queen or Fiery Skipper. But not the California Dogface or the Mournful Duskywing. However, I could go for being the Mormon Metalmark, just because it sounds like a heavy metal band you would thrash dance to politely.
Unique species of butterflies are still being discovered. One was identified in Alaska just a few months ago.
You could be a butterfly. You may just not know it yet. Only, you have to discover yourself.
(Title: YOU) acrylic, copyright AcidNeutral Art LLC)
Divorce gives you that opportunity of discovery.
Butterflies emerge from their caterpillar past to become creatures completely transformed and different. It is a beautiful, free, flying being. It is the stuff of new beginnings.
You too, have that ability to break free from the chrysalis prison of your former life to be someone new. You have the power to take the good, leave behind the bad, and fly away into a life filled with flowers, nectar, wind at your back, and everyone appreciating your beauty as you soar through this next phase of your life completely changed.
What you once were, is no more except perhaps a memory - and a fleeting one at that.
When caterpillars surround themselves with their cocoons, they are protecting themselves from the elements, until they are ready to become stronger and able to take flight.
Scientists studying the soupy, slimy, mush of the moth’s larva stage in its cocoon, have discovered it maintains a memory of its past. Scientists exposed caterpillars to unpleasant odors and found that they repelled against the scent once they became moths.
They still had that distasteful recollection. Yet, they had gone through a complete metamorphosis with wings, six legs, vibrant color - rebirth.
Moths learn to repel the old memory that was part of their past in this transformation. When moths and butterflies break free, their vision seems excellent moving forward, and they can fly with accuracy avoiding barriers.
We can learn a lot from butterflies and moths.
Be one. Be beautiful, changed, and soar out into the world as your true self. When you do, give yourself a good name. Don’t be Mournful Duskywing or Gray Hairstreak.
(Enriching music: Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF), Fly Like a Butterfly; Maddie & Tae, Fly)
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