Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cooking mama

In celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving, I am preparing to be a cooking machine. My family celebrates Thanksgiving with the regular food - turkey, potatoes, the ever-popular green bean salad. But, I have become the keeper of the family recipes. My job, of my own accord, is to make homemade tamales, beans, tortillas, carne guisada, and chilito.

I like this role. It seems like at least one aunt in a generation needs to keep up the tradition, and I am it.

Our potpourri is the smell of fresh tortillas and Mexican food, not some scent stuff you melt and buy at a grocery store.

We don't constantly have to fill our homes with fake smells. Just fill your home with smells of home.  Home was potpourri, before there was potpourri, and we all remember what that smells like.

Tonight, I'm cooking for my Hero students - tortillas, beans, carne guisada. After, I hope the custodians at my school will have a homemade meal of what we have left. I'm thankful for them. Custodians at a public school do more, work harder, and for less pay than anyone else.

For them, I am thankful.

Are you thankful for someone of the periphery of your life? Do something real for them on Thanksgiving. It's meaningful to give. Giving is receiving.

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