Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome Home!

My lovely daughter is coming home this weekend. Several thoughts scrape the layers of my brain. Red Herrera Ellisor would like that thought, as she is studying to be a neuroscientist.


One clarity is that home should always be a happy place for children to return. They remember the sounds, scents, doohickeys, that are always part of their childhood home. And, where ever you are, even if it's a new place, is home. You are home.


They even remember our smells. When I hug my youngest, she often breathes me in and says, "You smell like mama." It's a good feeling. Building new, happy, memories with your children post-divorce is important. It is how they will remember you.


Fill your home with joy, light, and laughter. Fill their soul satchel with it to take with them when they leave. If you do, they will want to return to refill it. 


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