Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beautiful Flowers

Title: Beautiful Flowers
Medium: Old window screen from a shack near Roscoe, Tx, rodent skeleton, bouquet of dried flowers
By: Clara G. Herrera

(Enriching music: Feeling Good, Nina Simone; Where is my Mind, the Pixies; Here I Am, Lyle Lovett)

The Chaos of a Disciplined Mind

On my first full day of summer, my mind races against itself.

It is a cacophony of thoughts. Hopes of sleeping late were thwarted by brain tremors that awakened me like an earthquake to action well before 7 a.m.

These synapses included:

Why is my classroom and science lab cleaner than my house?

Why am I up so early when I vowed to sleep late?

Will I get everything on my summer list done?

Gotta make that summer list!

I know the final touch on the art piece Beautiful Flowers. That's why it has been vexing me, incomplete.

More coffee, no maybe less coffee.

Finished the art piece! 

Will I ever catch up with my brain?

Slow down. No, speed up. No, pace yourself and breathe.

Welcome to my mind.

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